What Happens When You Hire an Alimony Lawyer in Orangevale CA?

Divorces can be cumbersome to deal with, even under the best of circumstances. When one is facing a divorce, they need to be aware of their rights for receiving alimony. The state of California has created laws that are very specific, so there is no major confusion when deciding if alimony should be awarded. Those who are going through a divorce and want to ensure their rights for alimony are protected need tohire an alimony lawyer in Orangevale CA.

Statute 4320 fully details the circumstances that would warrant permanent spousal support:

     *     The statute states spousal support will be considered based on the earning capacity of each party in the marriage.

     *     Spousal support is dependent on the supported party’s marketable job skills and what it would take for them to be able to acquire reliable employment that would meet their foreseeable financial needs now and in the future.

     *     Support will be granted based on the extent to which the supported party contributed to the career or education of the supporter.

     *     The judge will base the granting of spousal support on whether or not the supporter can afford to pay support, based on their earning potential, income, and standard of living.

     *     Judges will take into consideration the financial needs of each party so they can resume the standard of living that was established while they were married.

     *     Those with dependent children may have a greater chance of receiving alimony if employment or career training would interfere with them being able to provide care for their children.

     *     The length of the marriage plays a role in whether or not alimony will be awarded.

     *     The age and health level of each person in the marriage are carefully considered before alimony is awarded or demanded.

There are many factors that can determine whether or not an individual will be granted alimony in their divorce settlement. It is important a person hires an Alimony Lawyer in Orangevale CA so their rights can be protected as they go through their divorce.

If you are facing divorce and want to be sure you receive fair alimony, hiring a lawyer can help. To learn more about your options,  contact us  right away.