What Claimants Must Know About a Social Security Disability Claim

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Attorneys

In Oklahoma, claimants who wish to apply for social security disability need to know what is ahead of them. The initial steps require them to complete an application for benefits. With this application, they must provide details about their condition as well as all the doctors that provided them with medical treatment. The following is information that all claimants must know about filing a social security disability claim.

The Disability Determination Service

The Disability Determination Service receives all applications during the initial phase. They review the application and determine if the claimants have clear and indisputable evidence showing a qualifying disability. If the claimant does, the application is denied immediately. All applications showing a qualifying condition are forwarded to the SSA.

The Role of the Social Security Administration

The role of the SSA is to determine if the claimant qualifies for benefits. They start this process by scheduling a meeting with the individual to gather any additional information needed for the application. Next, they set up an appointment with their doctors to assess the condition and determine if it meets the guidelines of the program. They must also assess all income sources that provide financial support for the claimant.

When Does Back Pay Start?

Back pay starts when the claimant is diagnosed with the condition. However, if the claimant files through DDS or SSA, the back pay period begins when their application was received. If they qualify for benefits, they receive a check based on how they approached their claim.

What Is Expected After an Approval?

After the claimant receives social security disability benefits, they cannot exceed the income restrictions. Their caseworker will notify them if these limits are passed. They must complete a form at the end of the year showing how all funds were spent. In some cases, the claimant must provide receipts for these expenditures.

In Oklahoma, claimants file for social security disability benefits by filing an application through SSA or through an attorney. The outcome of the claim is determined according to whether or not they qualify for benefits. Claimants who need to file a social security disability claim through an attorney can visit Website.com for more information now.

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