What Can You Expect When Being Defended By Drug Possession Lawyers?

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Attorneys

Whether faced with minor or serious drug charges, it behooves an individual to get legal help to ensure their rights are protected. A lawyer can make a big difference in helping a person overcome their charges or at least lessen their punishment. For first-time offenders, drug possession charges can be frightening to face. It can be helpful for a person to know what they can expect from the Drug Possession Lawyers so they can be fully prepared for the process of going through a trial.

A defense lawyer is crucial when one is facing drug possession charges. Should one be found guilty of drug possession charges, they could face a wide array of penalties from fines to jail time. Simple possession usually produces a much lighter penalty than possession with intent to sell. Because of the 1986 mandatory sentencing minimums for drug charges, many states have adopted a fixed sentencing strategy.

When a defendant hires Drug Possession Lawyers, the lawyer will first meet with their client and reveal all of the pertinent information regarding their case. They will provide their client with information on the charges brought against them and the possible penalties those charges could bring. Lawyers will paint a realistic picture to help defendants understand what will occur throughout the trial and sentencing if they are found guilty of the charges brought against them.

Defense lawyers will work with the district attorney to attempt to plea bargain or work out a deal with the charges and penalties. Should one try to represent themselves, they would find it difficult to get a district attorney to negotiate their charges or sentencing because they will typically be unwilling to do so. The success of plea bargaining will depend on how willing the DA is in negotiating and the past record of the defendant.

If you are facing drug possessions charges of any degree, make sure you hire a lawyer to help you. For more information, visit . They can provide you with the legal representation you need so you can get through your trial with a favorable outcome. Call today to schedule your initial meeting to get started. You can follow them on Twitter.

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