Victim’s Rights and When to Hire a Ladder Accident Lawyer in Norwich, CT

The majority of people don’t give much thought to ladders or potential injuries when using a ladder. However, for those in the maintenance or construction fields, ladders are a serious risk to a person’s health and safety. For example, falling from ladders accounts for an estimated 15% of all occupational deaths.

Not convinced that ladder accidents are a serious problem? Consider the following statistics:

  • More than 90,000 people are sent to the ER each year due to a fall from a ladder.
  • Falls from ladders result in 700 deaths annually.
  • In the past decade, the rate of ladder-related injuries has increased more than 50%.

These statistics make it clear just how serious and common ladder injuries are. If a person does suffer an injury due to a fall from a ladder, getting to know their rights is paramount. A ladder accident lawyer in Norwich, CT can help.

Legal Options for Ladder Injury Victims

The compensation for a ladder-related injury depends on the circumstances related to how the injury occurred.

If the injury took place while the victim was at work, they could file a workers’ compensation claim. However, doing so means the victim gives up their ability to sue an employer at a later date.

If the employer knew about the unsafe work conditions or they violated OSHA regulations, filing a lawsuit may be the best option. This is something that a ladder accident lawyer in Norwich, CT can help with.

Winning a Ladder Injury Lawsuit

The key to winning a ladder injury lawsuit is to act promptly. If a person is injured on a construction site, the safety mistake that caused the injury will most probably be remedied quickly. However, the issue will have to be monitored to ensure the case is successful. If an individual waits too long or fails to document an event, the possibility to recover compensation may be severely limited.

When it comes to ladder injuries, the best way for an accident victim to protect themselves is by hiring an attorney. Attorney Stephen M. Reck is ready to help those facing this situation. More about this type of legal services can be found at our website.