How To Assess Your Fit With Your Jacksonville, FL, Divorce Attorney

Working with an attorney to ensure you have the best possible legal representation throughout your Jacksonville, FL, divorce is always an important step. Pro se or unrepresented do-it-yourself divorces can be done in the state, but there are several complications and potential pitfalls which can occur in these divorces. These types of issues increase conflict, cost and the time needed for the divorce.

Choosing the best divorce attorney is centrally about finding a professional who is the “right fit.” This means an attorney you can trust and you feel confident in accepting his or her advice. It should also man someone with the legal reputation and experience to guide you through the divorce process.


When talking to a divorce attorney, you will be sharing some information that is public knowledge, but you may also be discussing confidential and private information and issues.

For example, your attorney will need to know if there is a history of domestic abuse in the relationship or if there is any history of alcohol or drug abuse, or information about your financial status including income, assets, and debts. Having trust in your attorney helps to promote more open and honest communication so he or she can effectively prepare to represent your best interests in the divorce.

Willingness to Listen

Just as you should trust your Jacksonville, FL, divorce lawyer, you should also be willing to listen to his or her instructions and advice during the divorce. Lawyers will tell clients not to text, email or leave angry, hostile or threatening voice messages. They will also tell the client not to post anything about the spouse on social media or through text and email communications to anyone.

By following the advice of the divorce attorney, people can avoid having these types of communications used against them later on, particularly if the divorce goes through the court.