Top Things to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Singapore

Facing criminal charges can be a lousy ordeal in Singapore. That is why many people consider hiring defence lawyers. There are many legal practitioners in Singapore. But choosing the best lawyer to represent your case can be a challenge. To ensure your search is effective and seamless, we have created top factors to consider. These factors include the following:

Experience Levels

Experience levels play a heavyweight when choosing a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore. The experience here doesn’t necessarily mean the period of practice. It is instead the number of similar cases the lawyer has undertaken earlier. An experienced lawyer will have cutting-edge knowledge and familiarity with handling trials and hence, will best serve your interest.


The lawyer’s reputation is another crucial thing you shouldn’t take lightly. Since lawyers have varied qualifications, there are those known to be successful in handling the most complex cases. Others are known for high-profile cases and the what a view. Preferably, you should seek to work with a highly reputable lawyer. You can learn about a lawyer’s reputation by searching their online reviews, testimonials and publications.


Of course, many will want to work with a lawyer they can pay without putting strain on their budgets. While some specialist defence criminal lawyers in Singapore will charge heftily, others will give room for negotiations. But before you consider affordability, you must evaluate the potential outcome with the lawyer you are about to hire.

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