Top Eight Child Custody Issues in Glenview

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Attorneys

It’s every parent’s responsibility to know what to consider regarding child custody in Glenview before considering or finalizing a divorce. Here are the top eight considerations and issues that parents will face during a divorce regarding child custody.

Which Parent Has Sole Custody?

Sole custody has to be determined by a court order, unless parents can settle it between each other in a legal agreement. Sole custody depends on several conditions, including employment history.

What is a Child’s Best Interest?

The best interest of a child depends on the circumstances as well as the age of the child. If the child is a teenager, his or her own interests will be given more weight. Otherwise, it’s typically up to the parents and courts to decide.

What is Legal and Physical Custody?

Legal custody gives a parent the right to make all legal decisions for their child. Physical custody, on the other hand, gives a parent the right to have the child live with them. One parent can have both or either forms of custody. As per FindLaw, sole custody is when one parent has both rights.

What is Joint Custody?

When parents come to an agreement regarding legal and physical custody, they may share the child as per a court agreement, and share both legal and physical responsibilities even after separation, under certain circumstances. As per Legal Match, shared custody and joint custody are not the same.

What Factors Determine Child Custody?

Living conditions, workplace conditions, and personal life decisions all matter. Making serious decisions like moving without notifying the courts can also affect custody.

Can Grandparents Win Custody?

If both parents are unfit to care for their children, grandparents are an alternative that the courts may rule for. Usually, however, parents are given preference for obvious reasons.

Can a Parent Move to Another State?

A parent with sole custody can’t move to another state if it jeopardizes the non-custodial parent’s rights to see their child. Unless it’s approved by the court, moving isn’t an option.

Do Custody Cases Always Need a Lawyer?

Custody cases are often messy and complicated. Having a Glenview child custody lawyer on your side can help, especially with professionals from Divorce Lawyer Chicago.

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