Suspect A Loved One Is Being Abused? Contact A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Right Away

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Attorneys

Moving a member of the family to a nursing home can be one of the most difficult decisions and adult child or grandchild has to make. It can be even more difficult if the elderly person doesn’t agree with the decision. Many seniors would prefer to live their final days in their own home. However, when they are not able to meet their own basic needs and no one in the family is able to care for them on a daily basis, a nursing home is typically the best choice. When a family comes to this heart-wrenching decision, they expect the staff of the nursing home to take good care of their loved one.

Some seniors are so upset their family members put them in a nursing home that they don’t want to see them after they move into their new home. It is generally a mistake for families to comply with their wishes. The incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect are rising in this country, and it’s very important for loved ones to keep a close eye on what’s going on in the facility. Of course, most nursing home staff are very caring professionals who only want the best for the residents who live there. The few workers who injure or neglect patients will typically only do so when the family members are absent from their lives.

Families who suspect their loved one might not be getting treated properly should contact a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney right away. Signs of abuse include unexplained bruises, blood on clothing and sudden onset of depression symptoms. The nurses and medical professionals at the nursing home should be able to explain any injuries or changes in mood or behavior. If they cannot, it’s likely the patient is being abused or neglected. Addressing this immediately is vital in order to ensure the patient’s safety and the safety of the other residents in the facility.

By contacting a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney, such as Danny E. Darnall – Attorney, family members may find out their rights and discover the best way to handle their particular situation. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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