Starting a Dog Attack Case with Accident Lawyers in Norfolk, VA

In Virginia, dog attacks occur most often due to a failure to secure the animal. Dog owners are required by law to use leashes at any time that their dog is outside. All outside enclosures where dogs run free must be secured and stop the dog from leaving the property. Accident lawyers in Norfolk, VA provide assistance for victims who were injured in a dog attack.

Did the Victim Play a Role in Their Accident?

The victim played a role in their accident if they provoked or injured the dog. Trespassing, home invasions, and any unlawful entry are also reasons that would deem the victim liable. The victim cannot commit a crime and receive compensation through a legal claim.

What Happens After the Attack Is Reported?

Once the attack is reported, the animal control officer must visit the dog’s location. Pet owners receive a notification about the attack if they weren’t available initially. The owner must provide vaccination records for their dog to the animal control officer. If the dog wasn’t vaccinated, the officer orders a 12-day quarantine period for the dog at the owner’s expense.

What Is the Purpose of a Quarantine?

The purpose of the quarantine is to determine if the dog has rabies. The incubation period for the virus is twelve days. A licensed vet must evaluate the dog during this period. At the end of the quarantine period, the vet reports their findings to the animal control officer. If the dog has rabies, the vet euthanizes the animal.

How Do Strict Liabilities Apply to the Process?

Strict liabilities apply when a dog has been involved in previous attacks. The pet owners must provide tort-based awards in addition to economic damages to the victim. In some circumstances, the pet owner faces criminal charges for failing to comply with the law and preventing another attack.

In Virginia, dog attacks are managed through personal injury laws and offer a chance for victims to obtain compensation. The failure of the pet owner to prevent the attack deems them liable. Strict liabilities increase the award for victims of the attacks. Victims who need help can contact accident lawyers in Norfolk, VA at website.