Reasons to Invest in a Dog Bites Lawyer in Queens County, NY

When someone suffers a dog bite injury, it’s important to understand they aren’t alone. In fact, more than four million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs annually. Approximately 6,000 of these people go to the hospital after the bite or attack occurs.

In some situations, the owners of the dogs will be liable for the injuries inflicted by their dogs. It is best to hire a dog bites lawyer in Queens County, NY to know for sure. Some of the other reasons it’s beneficial to hire an attorney can be found here.

Understanding of the Law

Laws related to dog bite situations are often complex and difficult to understand. The burden of proof lies on the victim to show that the owner’s negligence or actions caused the bite to occur. The attorney hired can work to investigate the situation and determine if the owner is labile and then work to recover as much compensation as possible for the victim.

Lawyer’s Will Handle the Investigation Process

In some situations, the dog owners may have known the pets were dangerous but didn’t take the steps needed to prevent attacks from occurring. The dog bites lawyer in Queens County, NY hired will carry out an investigation to determine if the dog owner acted responsibly. If the dog had attacked someone in the past and the owner knew about this, it may support the new victim’s claim for compensation and damages.

An Attorney Will Uncover Evidence to Support the Case

In some cases, the owner of the dog may try to defend the actions of their pet. However, when this circumstance occurs, the attorney hired can find witnesses and evidence to support the claim that has been made.

When it comes to dog bite situations, there’s no reason for a victim to suffer in silence. There are options for recourse and ways to recover the compensation due. Additional information about dog bite cases and when to call an attorney can be found by contacting the staff at The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini III. Those who are interested can also browse the website.