Situations Where a Repossession Attorney in St. Louis, MO Needs to Be Consulted

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Bankruptcy

Nobody likes to face the possibility of having their possessions repossessed because of lack of payment. Unfortunately, this is common when people purchase cars that they can no longer afford. In these situations, if no prior arrangements had been made with the lender, it is well within the lender’s right to take possession of the vehicle in order to recoup their potential losses. However, there are situations where repossession doesn’t happen on the up and up. These are times when a person may need to contact a repossession attorney in St. Louis, MO.

One of the most common issues that will require the services of a repossession attorney is when a vehicle or another piece of property is repossessed in error. There are many cases where people have had their vehicles repossessed in the middle of the night, even though they were current on their payments. Many times, lenders and repossession agents won’t like to admit fault, meaning the person may not be able to get their vehicle back, even if they prove they are up to date on their payments. In these cases, it may take a repossession attorney, and the threat of a lawsuit, in order for the repossession company or the lender to return a person’s vehicle.

There is also an issue known as breach of peace. While this is not talked about so often, it does happen more frequently than many people care to think about. This is an instance where repossessions take place when a person’s personal property, or the vehicle owner itself, are still in the vehicle.

The most common type of breach of peace are repossessions done via force. This is prohibited. In these situations, an attorney can sue the lender or the repossession agent, or perhaps both, for breach of peace. Many of these cases have resulted in large punitive damages awarded because the lender or the repossession agent broke the breach of peace statute.

There are many different situations when it comes to repossession. If you feel that a repossession was done in error, via a forceful act or you were threatened during the process, the services of a repossession attorney in St. Louis, MO may be required. To learn more about these situations, you may want to visit

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