Request Adequate Child Support in Newnan, GA

Child support can be one of the most controversial parts of a divorce proceeding. Temporary orders are usually put into place until a more detailed assessment can be made. Even with these in place, many children do not receive all, or any, of the money. In many cases, the amount of support barely covers basic needs and needs to be increased. It takes quality representation to get what is needed from the other parent.

Calculating the Amount

The amount of child support that children receive can be a debatable topic. When they are living with the mother, there may be less income to work with as a whole. Monetary support, however, cannot exceed a certain percentage of total income. There is help with child support in Newnan, GA.

Your lawyer may take a complete inventory of your monthly expenses and income. This can help them determine what the children actually need each month to be comfortable. When court is in session, or during mediation, you lawyer should bring up the monetary needs of the children.

The Duration

The duration of child support, obviously, should be for the entirety that the children are minors. There are a few things that can change this, however. Children with disabilities may need support well into their adult life, for example. One parent, alone, should not have to handle this responsibility. Some kids may also be at home and still in school after they turn 18. These children also have to be supported past the age of 18. Finally, children may need to be better compensated when living expenses rise. Often, the custodial parent can go back to court on a regular basis to ask for an increase over the years. Business Name can handle these, and many more issues.

Custody complications are often the worst part of the divorce. Kids should not have to go without the things that they need due to a faulty support ruling. Take care to secure legal representation before heading into the courtroom.