Reasons to Hire a Defence Criminal Lawyer in Singapore

Criminal cases are generally complex and stressful. Therefore, it’s wise to hire a professional defence criminal lawyer in Singapore to navigate the legal system for you. If you’re innocent, you still shouldn’t represent yourself. Skilled attorneys are the best choice because the process is tedious, overwhelming, and confusing for most.

Here are the benefits of contacting a defence criminal lawyer in Singapore:

Handle Paperwork

It’s often time-consuming and daunting to handle the case paperwork yourself. There are complex terms to use, and most people don’t understand the documents.

A defence criminal lawyer in Singapore has experience with this process and can explain everything to you. This gives you peace of mind because someone else is filling out the documents and filing them at the right time.


Most people worry about the expense of hiring a lawyer. However, a good attorney saves you money in the long term. When you represent yourself, you could make mistakes, which means jail time or huge fines. These ultimately lead to unnecessary losses. Likewise, some lawyers wait to get paid until they win your case, which gives you peace of mind.

Gather Evidence

Evidence is crucial to any criminal case. Your defence lawyer uses legal approaches to get information and evidence that could prove your innocence. This is a complex process itself and requires specific skills and professionalism. Likewise, the attorney often knows how to work with the authorities.

Avoid Legal Penalties

Your defence criminal lawyer in Singapore works quickly to reduce your chance of facing legal problems. If you plead guilty or are found to be, they can request a reduced jail term or fine!

There are many reasons to hire a defence criminal lawyer in Singapore instead of doing things yourself. If you’re accused of a crime, it’s wise to contact Bishop Law at +65 6809 1164 for a free consultation. Discuss your case and concerns with no obligation today!