Reasons a Personal Injury Lawyer in Junction City, KS Generally Prefers to Settle Out of Court

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Lawyers

Before consulting with a personal injury lawyer in Junction City, KS, residents may have thoughts of filing a lawsuit, going to court, and having the jury award them millions of dollars. In reality, this hardly ever happens. Some 90 percent of injury cases for which people receive compensation is settled out of court. The 10% of cases that do & go to trial are not all successful for the plaintiff. Juries sometimes rule in favor of the defendant.

Advantages of Avoiding Trial

When it comes to an injury lawyer in Junction City, KS, residents can count on getting sound legal advice. Attorneys usually prefer to negotiate a settlement instead of going to court, as this is nearly always advantageous for the client. The client receives compensation much more quickly than would be true if bringing the case to trial. There is no stress about whether the jury will side for the plaintiff or the defendant. If the jury sides with the defendant, the injured person is left with no compensation at all.

Costs for the Client

Attorneys generally will not accept a personal injury case unless they are pretty certain they can negotiate a reasonable settlement or win in court. That’s because they work on a contingency basis, meaning they receive a percentage of the settlement or court award instead of retainer fees. The client may feel that this is an advantage in regard to a court trial since no contingency fee will be due if the case is unsuccessful. However, the client will likely be responsible for certain court costs outlined in the contract with the lawyer.

Types of Compensation to Expect

Attorneys with an organization such as Oleen Law Firm know how much a case is likely to be worth for the client, and that is the amount they ask for in their demand letter to the insurer. In most situations, the injured person should expect to receive compensation for medical expenses, continued physical therapy, lost wages, and additional services like paying a housekeeper or a transport company as necessary. To schedule a free initial consultation to learn more, a person can click here.

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