Hire an Accident Lawyer in Waldorf After a Wrongful Death Case

The unexpected death of a loved one can be terrifying, and most families don’t think of seeking compensation during the grieving phase. However, if someone dies due to another person’s negligent or reckless behavior, the family deserved compensation for funeral expenses, medical bills and lost financial support. Several wrongful death causes are outlined below, but to protect their rights, clients should consult an experienced wrongful death or Accident Lawyer in Waldorf.

Injuries and Accidents

These are the most common causes of wrongful death. Auto accidents caused by careless drivers, workplace fatalities caused by unsafe conditions, and falls on construction sites are all wrongful death cases, although these are just some of the accidents that can happen.

Medical Malpractice

Medical carelessness is the third most common cause of death in the US behind cancer and heart disease. A failed diagnosis is the most common type of malpractice, followed by treatment and surgery errors. If someone believes their family member’s death occurred because a doctor failed to provide appropriate care, they should consult an attorney.

Product Defects

Flaws in a product’s design, manufacturing or marketing can cause wrongful deaths. For instance, a crib’s bars can pose a choking risk, and a weed eater can injure the user. Automaker errors are another common cause of wrongful death, as evidenced by the recent GM recall over failed ignition switches.

Drug Defects

Pharmaceutical manufacturers often face sanctions for failure to disclose harmful side effects of drugs. For instance, a drug company may not warn consumers about a potentially fatal drug interaction. If someone loses a family member because of drug-related complications, even if a drug is FDA-approved, they should consult an Accident Lawyer in Waldorf to learn which steps to take.

Although hiring an attorney and filing a claim after a loved one dies can feel strange and overwhelming, it’s the most effective way to recover the funds a family needs to get back to normal. With a damages award, a victim’s family can hold the at-fault party responsible and prevent their negligence from harming someone else at a later time. Call the Jaklitsch Law Group or visit the website to schedule an appointment.