Managing A Product Liability With An Injury Lawyer In Murfreesboro, TN

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Lawyers

In Tennessee, manufacturers face liabilities when they fail to release safe products to consumers. Federal laws protect consumers from unethical manufacturers who place the consumers at risk. At any time that a consumer sustains an injury while using any product, they have a right to file a product liability claim. An Injury Lawyer in Murfreesboro TN can assist the victim by providing clarity about consumer rights laws.

What is a Product Liability?

A product liability is a condition that leads to the injury of a consumer. It is considered a flaw in a design or an error that occurred during the assembly process. The events are a violation of federal laws that protect consumers from dangerous products.

What Makes the Manufacturer Liable?

The manufacturer is liable for the product liability if they were aware of a dangerous flaw and failed to warn consumers. They are also liable if a flaw wasn’t discovered during quality control inspections, and a consumer sustains an injury. Federal laws require the manufacturer to affix warning labels to products that are dangerous under certain conditions. The circumstances of the hazard must be explained in full on the warning label and the product packaging.

What Does the Consumer Need for Their Case?

The consumer needs all medical records for their injuries and the exact product they used. An attorney can submit the product to a lab for testing to verify that the product created the injuries under the conditions that the consumer used it.

How Does the Consumer Rights Protection Agency Affect the Case?

If the Consumer Rights Protection Agency is notified, the federal agency has the full authority to test the product and issue a recall. The agency can also help attorneys identify more victims and file a class-action lawsuit according to the total number of claimants.

In Tennessee, manufacturers are liable for a product liability if a consumer is injured by a hazardous product. The primary objective is to prove that the manufacturer was aware of the danger and didn’t warn the public. Consumers who need legal help contact an Injury Lawyer in Murfreesboro TN at the Law Office of Gritton & Gritton PLLC now.

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