Details About the Appeals Process from a Social Security Lawyer in Muskegon, MI

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After a person files for Social Security Disability benefits, a Social Security board reviews the case and renders judgment on whether one meets the qualifications to receive benefits. It is very common for a first-time applicant to be denied. Fortunately, there is legal recourse to dispute the ruling and appeal the decision. A Social Security Lawyer in Muskegon MI shares some details about applying for benefits and disputing a Social Security denial.

First Time Around

Those that represent themselves when applying for benefits and lose their case will have to reapply. This resets the clock and delays the ability to receive Social Security Disability benefits. It can take more than a year to be scheduled for a hearing. Therefore, it is a good idea to have an attorney for representation the first time around. While an attorney can’t guarantee that benefits will be received, this does greatly increase the chances of being approved initially.

Appeal the Decision

There is consistently a backlog of applications with the Social Security Administration. This means a person needs to be prepared for a long wait. Therefore, it is important to appeal the decision as soon as possible. The necessary forms are on the Social Security Administration’s website to submit a dispute. Bleakley Law Offices P C will work with their clients to get the forms, complete them, and have them submitted as quickly as possible.

Appeals Process

Typically, there are four stages to the appeal process once the dispute is filed. They start with a reconsideration of the claim and then a hearing by an administrative judge. Next, there is a review by the Appeals Council. Last, is a federal court review of the case. An attorney can assist throughout this process, advising and supporting to win benefits.

Attorney as Your Advocate

The attorney will be an advocate for their client. They will be legally recognized as such by the Social Security Administration. They will receive copies of all the paperwork and be kept up to date on the status of the dispute. This takes a lot of the burden off of the individual seeking benefits.

Those needing a Social Security Lawyer in Muskegon MI can call on Bleakley Law Offices P.C. They protect the rights of injured and disabled workers throughout West Michigan. For more information, visit us. They have been helping people to get their benefits for over 30 years.

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