Making Bail and Obtaining Freedom Sometimes Requires the Services of a Bail Bonds Agency

A Bail Bondsman in Atlanta provides bail for customers in the form of a surety bond. This serves as a promise to the court that the person released from jail will not skip out on trial or any other court appointments. If the individual goes missing, the bondsman puts forth substantial effort to find that person and nearly always succeeds. That’s because the bonds service is liable for the full cash bail amount if the customer is never found and brought back face trial. The service is provided for a fee that is a specific percentage of the bail amount as regulated by state laws.

One type of customer a Bail Bondsman in Atlanta is likely to encounter often is the parent or other close older family member of a young adult. One detailed report about bail bonds services notes that these offenders usually have just been arrested for the first time. They don’t have enough money saved up to pay cash bail or provide real estate for collateral. Their parents, or those who feel like a parent toward the young adult, are alarmed at the prospect of this person having to wait in jail until the trial date, but they may not have the necessary funds available either. Bail bond services commonly assist working-class and poor U.S. residents. Although the bail system is designed to allow people their freedom unless they are eventually proven guilty, it favors those of at least middle-class standing who have money in savings.

A report from one nonprofit institute has found that more than half of the individuals charged with a felony cannot afford to pay bail. Many of these bail amounts are set at less than $1,000, and that still is unaffordable for a relatively large percentage of people who are arrested on felony charges. The situation is even worse when a judge sets the bail higher because of concerns the defendant is a flight risk. These persons, or family members who want to help, need the service of a company like Free at Last Bail Bonds. Please click here to learn more about this particular organization.