Injured by a Negligent or Reckless Driver? Call Experienced Car Accident Attorneys in Luzerne County, PA

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Most car accidents are preventable. If all drivers were more responsible, there would be far fewer injuries and deaths. Weather is responsible for some accidents, but bad decisions are reponsible for most car crashes. After these needless accidents, Car Accident Attorneys in Luzerne County PA witness the trauma experienced by survivors.

Below are the six leading causes of car crashes.

1. Distracted Driving – the Leading Cause of Car Crashes

A distraction is anything that takes the driver’s attention from the road or hands from the wheel. Texting while driving is strictly prohibited, but the real reason for not allowing yourself to become distracted is the danger. Eating, drinking, talking to friends, playing with the radio or anything that takes your attention from the road is NOT worth the risk.

2. Speeding

No one is forced to drive 10, 20 or more miles over the speed limit. Speeding is a choice and a factor in about 1 in 3 deaths of young people. This includes driving too fast for the road conditions, such as rain, fog or snow. Most people don’t have the fast reaction times they believe they do.

3. Drunk Driving

There’s a very good reason for it being illegal to drink and drive. It’s been proven repeatedly that people are unable to drive safely after drinking.

4. Reckless Driving

Tailgating, changing lanes too quickly, speeding, cutting off cars and other forms of aggressive driving have all caused accidents. If you spot an aggressive, impatient driver, put as much distance between the two cars as possible and be extra careful.

5. Rain

Rain is beyond human control, but how you drive on rain-slicked roads is within the driver’s control. Any vehicle can suddenly spin out of control, especially when braking hard.

6. Running Red Lights and Stop Signs

When drivers choose to ignore red lights and stop signs and speed through, this can cause a side-impact collision at a high rate of speed. Driving rules aren’t suggestions. They’re laws intended to be obeyed for the safety of everyone.

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