Information For Denied Clients From A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Newark

When people are hurt at work, it is expected that normally a process called workers’ compensation will kick in. This is when the plan will kick into place and pay the injured worker his or her wages while out of work due to the work-related injury. The plan also pays the medical expenses for the injured worker, including rehabilitation and therapy. Unfortunately, the process does not always go that smoothly. Sometimes the insurance company does not want to pay. Sometimes the employer doesn’t agree with what the employee said happened. A Workers Compensation Lawyer is in place in Newark to assist clients having trouble.

There are many things the injured person needs to keep in mind when hurt at work. He or she needs to notify the employer as soon as possible after the incident or accident. However, the injured parties have 21 days after the accident to notify the employer of the situation. At the absolute latest, 120 days after the injury is the limit. As far as when the injured parties can expect to receive payment from workers’ comp, it depends on whether or not the injury was approved by the qualifying doctor and if the employer and insurance company agrees to the claim.

The amount of workers’ comp wages received depends on the situation. Generally, the injured worker gets two-thirds of the normal pay. However, there may be an adjustment based on the maximum benefit that can be received. It may be that the injured party ends up getting 90 percent of his or her pay. When the complications ensue, it is time for the injured person to consult with an attorney.

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