Identifying the Circumstances with a Premises Liability Lawyer in Fort Collins

by | Sep 19, 2017 | legalutopia

In Colorado, a premise liability is associated with a failure of the owner to follow federal regulations to mitigate risks. If they don’t, the owner is responsible directly for any injuries that are produced. A premises liability lawyer in Fort Collins helps the victims file a claim against the property owner.

Knowledge of the Damage or Defect

The first element of a premise liability is establishing that the owner knew about the damage or defect. Commercial property owners must conduct inspections of the property regularly. The inspections help the owner find possible issues that could produce injuries. Upon discovery, they must complete the necessary repairs to eliminate this condition. A failure to comply with this requirement deems the owner liable due to their knowledge of the condition.

OSHA Violations Linked to Worker Injuries

OSHA violations are discovered after a worker is injured. Once the accident is reported, the government agency may review the property. If they find a violation, the property or business owner is liable if their failure produced the worker’s injury. The owner will face fines in addition to a possible lawsuit.

Mismanagement of High Traffic Areas

The mismanagement of high traffic areas presents a higher probability of an injury. High traffic areas of retail stores must be assessed frequently. The company must issue safety policies that mitigate the risk of a customer-related accident. Any failure to keep these walkways clear could present a liability for the owner.

Construction Areas Inside Commercial Properties

Construction areas inside commercial properties must be managed by the property owner and the project foreman. The area must have barriers around it with signs that warn visitors before they approach the site. The foreman of the project must aid the owner in lower potential risks.

In Colorado, a premise liability is present when the owner fails to keep it safe. If the owner fails to maintain a safe property, they are liable when injuries occur. These injuries could produce serious risks for victims. Any victim who is injured due to a premise liability can hire a premises liability lawyer in Fort Collins or visit the website for more information.

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