How Much Will You Have To Pay A Social Security Lawyer?

When an individual becomes disabled, from that moment on, every penny is important and rarely is there money set aside for legal fees. Those who need a Social Security lawyer in Missouri don’t have to worry about coming up with enough to pay the lawyer. Unlike other lawyers that you may have used over the years, a lawyer that represents you in your battle for disability benefits don’t charge up-front fees nor do they demand a retainer to begin representing you. Social Security lawyers get paid only when they are successful in winning your case; they work on what is known as “contingency.”

What is the fee they charge?

Just as by law they must work on contingency, the law also sets the fee. A social security lawyer in Missouri can charge 25 percent of the past-due benefits that you are awarded, up to a maximum of $6,000. The lawyer gets nothing out of any money other than the past due benefits. As the monthly checks come in, these are not subject to any fees. It is also important for you to know that the lawyer will only be able to claim a fee should he or she win your case; no win, no fee.

As you can see it will actually not cost you anything to be represented by a seasoned social security lawyer in Missouri. You will never have to even write a check; the lawyer will receive the legal fee directly from Social Security who takes it out of your first payment.

Out of pocket expenses:

Legal fees do not include expenses that the lawyer has on your account. If it becomes necessary to pay for certain transcripts, medical reports, etc., the cost will be to your account. Out of pocket expenses are rarely an issue, in the majority of cases these costs don’t reach two hundred dollars.

It costs you nothing to have a Social Security lawyer in Missouri represent your interests, the fee is paid only if you are granted benefits and then the fee comes out of your back pay. If you are disabled your chances of being approved are far greater if you discuss your case with the Grundy Disability Group.