How a Bailbond in El Reno, OK Helps When the Bail Amount is Out of Reach

A judge has a few options for setting bail when a person has been arrested. When bail is unaffordable, a Bailbond in El Reno OK may be the answer if this individual or someone willing to help can pay the fee for the service.

Release From Jail

The judge may order the defendant released on his or her own recognizance, meaning no bail is necessary. The judge has decided the person is not a flight risk or a hazard to the community. In contrast, the judge may set bail extremely high or deny it altogether. This usually happens when the charge is very serious, such as a murder charge, and the judge believes the defendant may flee to avoid prosecution.

More commonly, bail is set at a more reasonable level by a judge or is determined by a set bail schedule for a variety of common crimes. Nevertheless, a high percentage of men and women cannot afford this amount. They also do not have relatives or close friends who have that kind of money in the bank or property to use as collateral, such as real estate. A bailbond in El Reno OK can be arranged in lieu of cash bail. This surety bond acts as a guarantee the defendant will appear in court as required.

The Bond Fee

Sometimes, nobody in the defendant’s inner circle even has enough money to pay the fee for the bond, which commonly is 10 percent of the bail amount. Bail may have been set at $30,000, for example, and many individuals have trouble coming up with $3,000. Living paycheck to paycheck or receiving disability benefits, they don’t have a savings account or a retirement account they could use.

A company such as Ken Boyer Bail Bonds may offer the customers a payment plan so they don’t have to provide the full amount immediately. If the customer has a credit card, the first payment might be made this way. That allows the individual more time to obtain the rest of the money. Another possibility would be providing collateral, such as the title to a vehicle worth at least this amount of money for fair market value. Contact us to begin the process.