Hire A Child Abuse Attorney in De Pere WI To Handle Child Welfare Cases

Many children in the United States are removed from good homes on allegations of child abuse, and these accusations can leave a person’s reputation in ruins. While many parents never dream they will face charges of ill-treatment, it sadly happens because of an over zealous doctor or teacher. In many cases, it is a complaint made out of malicious intent. When a case is reported, child welfare services has to investigate by state law, and parents need to hire a Child Abuse Attorney in De Pere WI to provide assistance in dealing with the legal matter. Lawyers who handle cases of child abuse and neglect know that time is not something a person has when dealing with the courts or child protective services.

Many parents find that they do not know where to start or what steps they need to take to prove their innocence. Because the courts take allegations of abuse seriously, it is imperative that clients hire a lawyer who is knowledgeable in defending against cases of abuse and neglect. The safety of children is the court’s primary concern, and it is best to be prepared to make all scheduled hearings and have documents to prove the accusations being made are false, and a good defense attorney can help.

A lawyer can help to get a case dismissed during the first hearing where facts or other evidence can be provided to disprove the allegations. In many situations, the case is closed, and no further actions are taken. If the courts choose to move forward and find that a child should be placed in protective custody, a Child Abuse Attorney in De Pere WI can and will work to defend the parents as well as the child. When abuse cases are brought before the courts, there is a limited window of opportunity to take action and an attorney can get the necessary documents filed to meet these deadlines.

Brabazon Law Office LLC can represent those facing charges brought forth by Child Protective Services. They have experience in handling cases involving child welfare and a proven track record of getting false allegations dismissed in court. They will also help parents modify an existing dispositional order modified before the courts and help parents get into programs that can help assist them as well as their children. To learn more about their practice, visit website.