Here’s How a Social Security Attorney Can Help You Apply for Benefits

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Lawyers

According to the Social Security Administration, only 28 percent of Social Security disability claims are approved upon the initial application. The process of applying for Social Security benefits can be confusing. It can be difficult to understand what paperwork and medical documentation must be submitted. While you can work through this process yourself, a Social Security attorney in Tennessee can help you to understand the necessary paperwork and what to expect from the application process.

What Types of Tasks Can a Social Security Attorney Help With?

The Social Security Administration uses what is known as the Blue Book as a standardized yardstick to identify what medically qualifies an applicant for benefits. A lawyer will understand this and be able to guide you through the qualification process and submit the necessary information. Once your application has been submitted to the Social Security Administration, your attorney will be responsible for following up on your behalf and keeping you aware of any progress in your case.

If you have a claim that has been denied, an attorney can represent you in resubmitting your claim for consideration or representing you at any legal proceedings. An attorney will assist you by contacting key parties such as the medical professionals who treated you and prepare your case for reconsideration. This can be helpful if your disability prevents you from appearing before the court in person, as the attorney can request an on the record (OTR) judgment on your behalf.

Is Hiring a Social Security Attorney Expensive?

When working with a Social Security attorney in Tennessee, you are usually not required to pay your attorney an upfront fee. Most Social Security attorneys receive compensation equal to 25 percent of the benefits you receive up to $6,000. The SSA remits payment to the attorney directly, which further helps to reduce any additional burden on you.

Applying for Social Security Benefits Can Be Stressful

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