Handling Domestic Violence in Mankato, MN

Domestic violence is never alright when it happens, and perpetrators must realize there will be serious consequences if they are found guilty of the charge. Domestic violence can occur in situations other than with the spouse; it also includes children, a person that the other person co-habits with, blood relatives, a person with whom the other person has had a child with, and significant romantic relationships. A law firm that handles cases of domestic violence in Mankato, MN wants interested parties to know all about the laws regarding domestic violence in Minnesota. Here is a look at some of these laws.

Domestic Violence Laws in Minnesota

A first offense of domestic violence can carry a charge of up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $3,000 and is considered a misdemeanor. However, the next charge and consecutive charges of domestic violence become a felony, the defendant spends 45 days in jail, up to five years in prison, and a $10,000 fine. Along with this, there will be intervention methods, such as restraining orders, intervention programs for batterers, and drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs.

More About Domestic Violence Laws in Minnesota

Other issues which will result in a domestic violence charge include domestic violence by strangulation, kidnapping, rape, sexual assault, and being falsely imprisoned. The charges will be treated as if the perpetrator was a stranger to the person being attacked, and will be handled in that manner throughout the case. If a gun is involved in the charge, it may be taken temporarily from the owner or permanently, depending on the circumstances. Whether the person involved in a domestic violence case is the victim or the perpetrator, a lawyer should be retained.

Getting a Lawyer for Domestic Violence Issues

The person who is the victim in a domestic violence issue should get an attorney, but should first call 911. TheBlatz Law Officeis a law firm in the Mankato, Minnesota area that helps clients with domestic violence issues. If a person needs a law firm for an issue regarding domestic violence in Mankato, MN, this law office is available. For more information visit website.

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