Getting Bail Bonding Assistance from a Tarrant County Bondsman

When a person is arrested and is being booked, the next steps will be for bail amount to be set by the judge and the defendant placed in jail. If the defendant wants to get out of jail before the court case comes up, the bail amount will have to be provided. In a lot of cases, the defendant doesn’t have the amount required. This is when it is good to call for the services of a bail bonds agency that can provide the funds. A Tarrant County Bondsman helps defendants in Texas.

Assistance for Bail in Texas

When the judge sets the amount of bail for a defendant, a bail bonds agency can help by putting up the full amount of the bail if the defendant can pay 10 percent of the full amount. To help secure the remaining amount of the bail, the defendant or some representative of the defendant will have to provide some form of collateral. This could be in the form of a house, a car, jewelry, electronics, or some other valuable property.

More on Assistance for Bail in Texas

With the amount of the bail secured by the ten percent, which is the agency’s fee to keep, and the collateral for the remaining amount, there is no chance for the agency to lose. If the defendant fails to show up for the court, there is a chance the collateral will be kept, so the defendant will be less likely to skip bail. As long as the defendant does what is required of the bail bonds agency and the court, the collateral will be returned regardless of whether the defendant wins or loses the case.

Finding a Bail Bonds Agency in Texas

A defendant can have a loved one search for a bail bonds agency in Texas by going online. Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds is an agency in the Tarrant County area that offers bail bonds services to defendants in need. If a defendant is in search of a Tarrant County Bondsman, the agency is available, and more information can be found by visiting the website at