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by | May 12, 2020 | Family Lawyer

Family law consists of statutes and precedents governing issues involving familial relationships. Among the numerous areas covered are divorce, child custody and support, pre-nuptial agreements, adoption, etc. Many family law attorneys tend to narrow their focus on divorce, while others focus on non-divorce related matters. Although family law normally involves people that are bonded by blood or marriage, it can just as well affect parties with a casual relationship. As family law cases are often charged with emotion, it is best for the parties to be represented by a family law in Frederick.

Reasons for engaging a family law attorney:

The majority of actions that are handled by family law attorneys involve the termination of marriage or the dissolution of a romantic relationship between two people. There are numerous aspects of a divorce, including alimony or spousal support, child custody, child support, visitation agreements, and more. Often the most contentious components of a divorce is the division of assets.

The parties to divorce have rights:

When a married couple decides to end their relationship and seek a divorce, each party has specific rights. Many couples seek the assistance of a Frederick family law attorney prior to their marriage to draw up a pre-nuptial agreement. In the absence of any evidence of fraudulent activities or duress, the pre-nuptial agreement is enforced.

In a contested divorce, a skilled Frederick family law attorney will prove invaluable. The attorney can find and divulge assets that the opposing party is attempting to hide, prepare and present compelling arguments with regard to the future of the children, and if worse comes to worse, take the case in front of an impartial judge.

Although having an attorney during a contested divorce is a must, it can be just as important to be represented in an uncontested divorce, as there are legal rights that an unsuspecting party may not know of.

There are many reasons why an individual would want to engage the services of a Frederick family law attorney, divorce being one of the most common. If you are in the process of changing your marital status, you are invited to contact Russell & Heffner, LLC. Visit their website today to schedule your consultation.

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