An Accident Attorney in Granite City, IL, Considers Factors for Compensation

During a serious vehicle collision caused by a driver’s carelessness or recklessness, someone may be severely injured. The driver’s automotive insurance company adjusters may be cooperative about paying for medical expenses and lost wages, but a car accident attorney in Granite City, IL, may believe the person deserves more compensation. Being in a serious car wreck can have long-lasting physical, emotional and mental consequences.

Physical Effects

Pain and suffering is a legal term addressing the intangible, yet very real, physical discomfort experienced by an injured person. Ongoing pain can reduce a person’s quality of life and limit activity levels. Documentation by the medical doctor may confirm that this situation is likely to continue indefinitely. A car accident attorney in Granite City, IL, helps the client receive additional compensation in the settlement for this aspect.

Emotional Consequences

Research has found that a full one-third of people who have been in bad car wrecks still have difficult emotional symptoms a year or more later. Although post-traumatic stress disorder is often thought of as mainly affecting combat veterans, it also occurs for many individuals after serious vehicle collisions.

Mental Changes

Accident victims often experience long-term effects of difficulty concentrating and problems with memory. This may happen because of a head injury or emotional trauma.

After a traumatizing car wreck, a person who was injured may want to seek legal help and find out how much compensation he or she actually deserves. Lawyers with the firm Becker, Schroader & Chapman, PC represent injured clients and offer information at the website.