A Trucking Accident Attorney in Belleville, IL Advises Clients About Behavior to Avoid

Hiring an attorney after being injured in a vehicle accident helps a person avoid making mistakes during the claims process that could undermine the case. Because collisions with semi-trucks and other heavy trucks tend to have such severe consequences, having professional legal representation by a trucking accident attorney in Belleville, IL is especially important.

Establishing Fault

Even when somebody was obviously injured in a crash with a semi truck, that doesn’t mean the case will be easy to win. The insurer will look for reasons indicating that the driver of the passenger vehicle was at least partially to blame. The plaintiff may be accused of distracted driving, for example. If law enforcement verified that the person was traveling above the speed limit, that might be used as a point of partial responsibility.

Even when someone believes they are at fault for causing the accident, it can be surprising to learn that this isn’t entirely true. Law enforcement officials or the trucker’s insurer may have used an action like cutting in front of the truck as a way to diminish the claim. Nevertheless, an organization like the Law Office of Keith Short may be able to show that this particular action should not have caused the trucker to lose control of the rig. Expert witnesses and prior case history may be included as support. More information about us can be found at the website.

Social Media

In today’s world of online social media, it’s best to keep postings private and to refrain from saying much at all. It’s certainly important not to post anything that could look suspicious to the insurer, such as photos from a recent party in which the claimant looks fit and healthy.

Talking with the Insurer

Another behavior to avoid after the accident is agreeing to give the insurance company a recorded statement without the presence of a trucking accident attorney in Belleville, IL. In fact, it’s best if the person doesn’t even speak at length with the claims adjuster or other representative without legal representation. Lawyers are extremely knowledgeable about the tactics adjusters use to prompt claimants to say more than they want to be cooperative.