A Traffic Violations Lawyer in Jefferson County MO Can Help Drivers Fight Tickets

by | Apr 13, 2016 | Lawyers

A driver’s ability to fight a traffic ticket depends on a variety of factors, and their first step should be to determine which type of ticket they’ve received. Some drivers don’t challenge tickets because, if they lose, they may have to pay court fees and fines along with the citation’s cost. As a ticket-fighting alternative, a driver can elect to pay fines and attend traffic school to have points erased from their driving record.

Deciding Whether to Challenge a Ticket

After receiving a ticket, a driver should consider hiring a Traffic Violations Lawyer in Jefferson County MO. In some cases, police aren’t fully aware of the law, and their misconceptions lead them to think a driver has committed a violation where none exists. Officers have much to do on a daily basis, and they, like everyone else, make mistakes.

Asking Questions About the Case

  *    Did the officer have an obstructed view? If the officer could not clearly see the offense, the driver may have a legitimate reason to fight a ticket.

  *    Was the right car stopped? When traffic is heavy, an officer could see one driver commit a violation and stop another driver in a similar-looking vehicle.

  *    Was the motorist driving safely? In some jurisdictions, the law allows drivers to exceed the posted speed limit if it is safe.

  *    Was there an error in the officer’s methodology or approach? Did an officer properly use laser or radar to establish speed?

Do Drivers Have a Chance Against the Officer in the Courtroom?

The judge has to listen to each side of the story. If a motorist has a legitimate defense against a citation, the officer has no real advantage. As long as the driver’s attorney uses law and facts to present the case, the defendant can succeed. Regardless of the defense used, if the officer does not appear in court, the driver usually wins.

Do Drivers Need an Attorney?

Traffic tickets can be very expensive, and some can affect one’s insurance premiums and driving privilege. If a person is contemplating challenging a traffic ticket, a Traffic Violations Lawyer in Jefferson County MO may be a great help. Attorneys with the Wegmann Law Firm can explain the law and how the judge will interpret it, and they can challenge the citing officer’s credibility in court.

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