A Review Of Family Law Cases In Decatur, AL

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Legal Services

In Alabama, family law encompasses a variety of circumstances, including divorce, child custody, child support, and guardianships. The laws provide assistance for parents who need to enforce court orders. Family laws provide protection for children and spouses who were abused. A local attorney helps petitioners review Family Law Cases in Decatur AL.

Filing for a Divorce

Petitioners use any divorce grounds when filing in the state. However, any fault-based allegations require evidence to substantiate the claim. The state requires a 50-50 split of all marital assets. Alimony is available according to the length of the marriage. If a divorce trial is needed, the case could range up to two years.

Establishing a Guardianship

Guardianships are established for minors and disabled adults. The assignment gives the guardian access to the individual’s financial assets. The guardian makes all decisions for the minor or disabled adult. The assignments are vital for circumstances where a child is at risk, or family members are using financial assets unethically.

Enforcing Child Support or Custody Orders

The state uses deadbeat parent laws to enforce child support orders. A parent that is behind on their child support payments faces jail time. The custodial parent files a motion through the court to reclaim the overdue payments. Court assistance is also provided if a parent has denied child visitation as outlined in the child custody orders.

Obtaining Protection Orders

Protection orders are available for victims of domestic violence or spousal abuse. The orders prevent any direct contact with the victim, and the aggressor faces additional charges if they violate the order. The protection orders are extended for some victims even after their divorce is finalized. The orders apply to children who were abused or assaulted, too.

In Alabama, family laws apply to any legal circumstances involving family members. The most common cases are divorce, child custody, child support, and guardianships. The state laws allow family members to step in when a child or disabled adult is abused or otherwise at risk. Petitioners who need more information about Family Law Cases in Decatur AL are encouraged to contact Trusted Local Attorneys and schedule a consultation right now.

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