A Dog Bite Attorney in Queens NY Wants to Help Prevent Dog Bites

You are jogging in the neighborhood and minding your own business when, suddenly, it seems out of nowhere, a dog rushes at you, growling. You try to remain calm, but the dog is aggressive nonetheless. Before you know it, you are bitten. It seems too unreal to be true, but it happened. The fact is, dogs bite over 4 million Americans annually. The Center for Disease Control reports that 20% of those in that 4 million category who are bitten require medical attention. Unfortunately, most who are bitten are elementary school age children, and the dogs are usually not strays or strange but very familiar to them. A dog bite attorney in Queens NY wants to give you a few pointers to decrease the number of dog attacks.

  1. When choosing Fido for your family, select dogs with a good temperament, or those that are not prone to aggression.
  2. Stay away from dogs you don’t know; even if people tell you they don’t bite, they have teeth!
  3. Don’t approach man’s best friend when she is feeding her puppies, eating or sleeping. Respect the adage; let sleeping dogs lie!
  4. Avoid having your young children left alone with canines, even if you know the dog well.

If you are bitten anyway, it is necessary to call and see your doctor right away, to prevent the risk of infection from the bite. Find the owner of the dog; ensure that the dog is up to date on all its shots. Depending on the injury, these treatments can be expensive; not to mention, the trauma that comes from being attacked and bitten can be devastating. In that case, call an attorney for legal counsel.

Meet with Injury Law On Call to communicate with a dog bite attorney in Queens NY. Serving the entire Hampton Roads/Tidewater areas, they will make every effort to keep you abreast of and preserve your rights. You can visit the website at levyborukhlaw.com for more information.