Ways to Avoid an Eviction Notice

The first rule to stopping an eviction notice is knowing the grounds for eviction. As with most tenancy laws, you can get evicted on grounds of nonpayment. If you want to make sure you never get thrown out, remember to always pay your rent on time. Every payment should cover the full cost of the monthly rent. Incomplete payments could be a possible ground for eviction.

Aside from nonpayment, here are other reasons your landlord could throw you out:

  • Violating your lease. Your lease is a binding contract. If you break a few or violate some of the agreements on your lease, then your landlord is well within his rights to evict you. So if there’s a strict “no pets” policy in the building, then don’t insist on keeping your cat or dog in the unit.  You could look at other options. Also, if your unit has “no smoking” signs posted, then go out of your way to go to smoking zones. That should make your landlord happy.
  • Participating in illegal activities. Any illegal activity you do on the premises can have you thrown out of the unit and right into jail. If you don’t want that eviction notice to come knocking on your door, then make sure you never take a step out of line.

Lease Renewal

You could also get evicted if your lease ends without a renewal offer form your landlord. Your landlord will then provide you with a 60-day notice to renew your lease or not. That should give you enough time to decide what to do. In case your landlord refuses to issue a renewal offer, then you’ll need a tenant lawyer to help you out, says “Company Name”. There’s proper procedure to be followed in evicting tenants, so if you were wrongly evicted, get legal assistance to help you work this out.