Understanding the Process of Applying and Appealing for Disability

When you have been hurt in an accident and can no longer work, you might wonder how you can support yourself and your family financially. You may need to apply for and pursue benefits you have paid into your entire working life.

However, when it comes to applying for and actually getting Social Security in Missouri, injured workers may find that it is not an easy process. By hiring an experienced disability benefits attorney to represent you, you may shorten this process and make it easier for you to navigate.

When you hire a lawyer who specializes in pursuing benefits like Social Security, Missouri clients like you gain an invaluable ally. Chances are your attorney has represented clients like you in the past and knows what kind of evidence to present to the judge. He or she can tell you what medical examinations you need to submit to and what kinds of results you are looking for in order to be approved for benefits.

Even with a lawyer on retainer, you may be turned down the first time you go to court. The judge has the obligation of safeguarding these funds and ensuring they go to the people who are most qualified for them. The judge may want to see if you appeal his or her decision.

Your lawyer can file an appeal and provide more proof of your injury and inability to work. Depending on how long it takes to decide the case, you may be entitled to a lump sum settlement from the government. This settlement can be thousands of dollars in back payments.

You can begin the process of applying for Social Security by hiring a skilled lawyer to represent you. You can locate a lawyer qualified to handle your case by contacting the Grundy Disability Group LLC online at GrundyDisabilityGroup.com.