The Lemon Law In Oklahoma

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Lawyers

As is true across the country, Oklahoma has enacted laws to protect consumers in the event they purchase a motor vehicle that is faulty.

Determining whether the vehicle is a lemon:

The fact that the vehicle is not to your liking is not a reason to enact the Lemon Law. To be declared a lemon under Oklahoma law it must meet certain criteria.

  • You must have owned the vehicle for a minimum of 12 months
  • You must have allowed the manufacturer a minimum of four chances to repair the problem, and
  • The car must have been out of service for 30 business days minimum

If the vehicle meets the criteria the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s authorized dealer can offer two solutions:

  • Replace the vehicle with one that meets the same spec, or
  • Refund the money you paid including any tax or registration fees.

If the vehicle meets the criteria but the manufacturer does not want to meet his obligations under the law you should consider hiring seasoned Oklahoma Lemon Law attorneys to protect your rights.

Filing a Lemon Law claim:

There is no way on day one to determine whether a new car will turn out to be a lemon, as a result, the owner must prepare for the eventuality by keeping impeccable records. In the event you have to file a claim you must accompany the complaint with records of all communication between you are the dealer, all attempts to repair the fault, time the car was unavailable, etc. Without supporting evidence, your claim may fall on deaf ears.

If the manufacturer does not respond positively to your claim you can either complain to the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Department or better yet, hire Oklahoma Lemon Law attorneys that know your rights and know how to deal with reticent manufacturers.

If your new vehicle turns out to be a lemon there is recourse available to you as an Oklahoma consumer. If the manufacturer fails to meet his obligations you should hire Oklahoma Lemon Law attorneys and file a lawsuit. You are invited to visit us for further information.

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