Specifics About Divorce A Lawyer In Manhattan, KS Could Explain

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Lawyers

In Kansas, petitioners must make certain choices about their divorce cases. Their choices could define whether the divorce is contested or not. The defendant must answer the petition within sixty days or a default judgment is rendered. A Lawyer Manhattan KS could explain the legalities of divorce to petitioners who are ready to end their marriages.

Defining Divorce Grounds

The state offers both fault and no-fault divorce grounds. Adultery, domestic violence, and spousal abuse are among the most commonly used fault-based divorce grounds. Any fault-based grounds used by petitioners require them to provide evidence of the allegations. In some cases, adultery is used when a prenuptial agreement is secured before the marriage.

When is Alimony Available?

Alimony is available when a spouse was a homemaker or a stay-at-home parent throughout the marriage. In some cases, alimony is provided during the divorce and stops after the divorce is final. Military divorces require the service member to provide temporary support. A prenuptial agreement may provide alimony based on the actions of either spouse. It could also provide a lump sum settlement according to the total number of years the couple was married. Permanent alimony is available when a marriage lasts longer than ten years.

Is Common Law Marriage Recognized in Kansas?

Yes, common law marriages are recognized in the state. However, the couple must present themselves to the public as a married couple. The wife must change her last name or obtain some form of documentation that shows her use of the husband’s last name such as a utility bill. If the couple simply lives together, they are not common law married. However, common law marriages, just like legal nuptials, require the couple to file for a divorce. Common law marriage doesn’t, however, establish paternity for unwed fathers.

In Kansas, divorce cases require couples to split their assets equally and come to an agreement. Child custody and support are also determined in the divorce agreement. Any disputes about the divorce agreement are managed through legal counsel initially. Petitioners who need assistance are encouraged to contact a Lawyer Manhattan KS at the Oleen Law Firm or to click here for more information today.

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