Sound Legal Advice Should Be Obtained From A Family Law Lawyer In Temecula, CA

Friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances are always willing to offer their knowledge about family law, but the only place an individual should seek advice from is a Family Law Lawyer in Temecula CA. Family law is a very complicated subject and includes many emotions of the parties involved because the matters are close to the heart. During a divorce, child custody dispute, or property settlement, the advice of an attorney will help a person make the right legal decision about their situation.

Filing For A Divorce

Filing for a divorce is not as easy it may appear. There are requirements every couple must follow such as being a resident in the state for at least 180 days before a divorce is filed. Same sex couples can also be divorced in Minnesota if there were married in the state after August 2013, or if one of them lived in the state for the 180 days before they file.

Obtaining A Child Custody Agreement

A couple should obtain a child custody agreement as soon as possible. When there is no custody agreement in place, both parents have equal access to the children and can take them wherever they want. If they do not want to return the children to the other parent, there is no recourse without a child custody order.

Both parents have equal rights to the child unless there is a history of drug abuse, a criminal record, abuse, or any other detrimental event that could hurt a child. The court is only concerned about the best interest of the child that a Family Law Lawyer in Temecula CA can thoroughly explain.

Education Class For Parents Who Are Divorcing

The state requires both parents who are getting a divorce to attend a certified divorce education program if they cannot agree on custody or parenting times. This course helps parent to learn about divorced families and the effect it has on the children.

The Clark & Gomez Attorneys at Law has a lot of experience helping parents through this difficult time in their life. Feel free to contact them and receive the legal information you need.