Social Security Disability Insurance, What Is It?

Social Security Disability Insurance, commonly called SSDI, is a program under the federal government. SSDI is designed to provide those that have not yet reached retirement age with financial benefits should they be unable to earn a living due to a disability. To benefit from Social Security disability in Missouri, both you and your employer will have had to pay FICA tax. For those that do not qualify for SSDI they can avail of SSI, Supplemental Security Income.

How to qualify for SSDI:

To qualify for consideration for SSDI you will have to prove that you cannot perform any work that you have done in the past. You also have to prove to the satisfaction of the Administration that there is no other work available for you due to your age, your educational attainment as well as the extent of your disability.

As SSDI is based on contributions into the system you need to have worked and paid FICA in the last ten years. The actual number of years that you must have contributed is based on your age; any applicants below the age of 50 will have to show they paid into the system for five years out of the last ten.

The application and appeal:

You need to apply for Social Security disability in Missouri as soon as you belie you suffer from a long term physical or mental disability; even you think you might be disabled, go ahead and let the SSA know your intention, it has a lot to do with the effective date of your claim.

One way or the other, prepare yourself to have your application denied, about three quarters of them are. At this stage you can request that the SSA reconsider your application but chances are this will result in denial as well. At this stage you will be asked to present your case to an administrative law judge, this is the best chance to have the initial decision overturned.

If you wish to apply for Social Security disability in Missouri you should consider doing it in cooperation with an attorney that is experienced in dealing with the SSA. You are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group for help. Follow us on