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by | Dec 19, 2017 | Law Firm

Divorce is never a pleasant experience, and yet it does not have to be destructive and out of control issue, either. Though many couples may not realize it, the majority of divorces (in Illinois and all other states) are actually settled outside of the courts. If the idea of avoiding litigation and the harms it might cause appeals to you, speaking with a Glenview divorce attorney is a wise idea.

How Working With a Glenview Divorce Attorney Helps

Though you can always sit down with your spouse to discuss your desired outcomes from a divorce, you still need the legal expertise of a skilled attorney. In fact, both parties do, and even with the added expense of legal counsel, negotiating your divorce outside of the courts is going to save a tremendous amount of time, money and hassle. Naturally, this approach is only going to work if both you and your spouse agree to the terms of the divorce, work in an honest and open way, and have a willingness to compromise when challenges threaten to derail the process. One of the most difficult of these issues involves custody of children, and that too is a reason that you need to sit down with an attorney to navigate the process.

The Right Path

Is it better than heading to court? Is a divorce that is settled without any litigation any better than one handled by a judge in a court of law? Those are tough questions, but they can be partially answered by considering a few key points. For one thing, ask yourself if you are happier have control over the process and outcomes. If you answer yes to that question, it is likely that you will be much happier to work outside of the court system where you and your spouse have the final say in all matters.

Why This Is a Good Idea

What about your view of a post-divorce relationship with your spouse? If you want to remain on friendly terms, and if you have children together, your post-divorce relationship has to be protected. Quite often, litigation pits one spouse against the other. This can be very difficult to forget in the years that follow, and simply negotiating the terms outside of court can keep things friendlier and more productive afterward. This is particularly beneficial to your children, but also yourselves.

Getting Started

If you want to work with an experienced Glenview divorce attorney to keep your divorce out of litigation, contact our office to book a visit. We can be reached at (312) 621-5234.

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