Reasons to Seek the Services of a Consumer Rights Lawyer in Springfield, MA

Let the buyer beware is sound advice with just about any type of sales transaction. While the majority of transactions will go smoothly and the customer will be happy with the outcome, there are times when things don’t work out as planned. That’s where consulting with a Consumer Rights Lawyer Springfield MA comes into the picture. Here are a couple of situations that would prompt the need to take this type of action.

The Product Presentation Was Not Accurate

Consumer protection laws require that manufacturers and sellers provide accurate information about any good or service offered. This includes information about the materials used to create the product, what it is supposed to do, and how it can be used safely. If the buyer finds that the information provided in advance is not accurate, that could be grounds for seeking some type of legal action. This is especially true when the seller is not open to the idea of refunding the purchase price or allowing the buyer to choose something of similar value. A Consumer Rights Lawyer Springfield MA can look over the terms of the purchase and the information provided prior to that event. If there is evidence that the buyer was mislead, there are grounds for legal action.

Injury Due to Defective Products

If an injury should take place due to a defective product, seeking legal help is a good idea. Should the manufacturer or seller not be willing to take responsibility for the faulty product and the outcome of its use, the only logical approach is to hire a lawyer and find out what legal recourse of action is possible. In many cases, hearing from the lawyer will be all it takes for the opposing party to become more cooperative. View website for more details.

For any buyer who believes that a purchased product is defective or at least not presented in an accurate way, contact the team at Connor Morneau & Olin today. After looking over the particulars of the situation, the lawyer can advise the client of what courses of action are available and what sort of outcome can be reasonably expected with each option.