Minnesota Lemon Law and “As is”

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

The Minnesota Lemon Law is in place to help protect your rights when you purchase a used vehicle. Minnesota takes consumer protection very seriously and has some of the most vast used car laws in the country however unfortunately dealers use the “as is” clause a lot when it comes to selling used vehicles. Those two little words can be leave you completely un-protected, maybe. The lemon laws are written so that if you buy a vehicle that is considered a “lemon” because it is faulty beyond reasonable you may still have a case even under an “as is” deal.

What Does “As Is” Exactly Mean?

As is a term that you will see on the sales sticker in many used car lots. It means exactly what it says, you are accepting the condition of the vehicle “as is” but that does not necessarily mean that you are buying a lemon, or that you are aware that you are buying a lemon.

If you have the right attorney on your side if you made the mistake of buying “as is” you may still have some protections under the lemon law.

What Can You Do?

Of course the best thing to do is not buy a vehicle “as is” but if you do and find that there are some really unexpected issues with the vehicle you can:

  • Have a lawyer look at your paperwork you got from the sale

  • Try to work with the dealer

  • File a complaint anyway

Unlike other situations where, purchases made under “as is” conditions can be difficult to fight on your own. Get the advice of a reliable attorney that specializes in Minnesota lemon law. Do try to work with the dealer you never know they may buckle and help you out. File a complaint anyway. Talk to Krohn & Moss they specialize in consumer law and can help.

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