How to Face a Lawsuit After an Injury in a DUI Accident in Charleston

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Lawyers

Many accident victims file a lawsuit after receiving injuries in a car crash. If you are the one served with a summons for a lawsuit, then you may feel a little nervous. When someone was drinking and driving at the time of the accident, the accident victims are likely to sue for damages. However, it is your right to fight the case. You should talk to a personal injury attorney in Charleston, SC, immediately.

Take Action

When you are served with a summons, you must file a response document by the court-imposed deadline. If you do not have the document file by the date, then the judge can enter a default judgement. It means the plaintiff automatically wins the case.

Liability Insurance

Most car insurance policies include liability if you choose to pay for the coverage. If you have liability coverage, then insurance companies can defend you against the lawsuit. Your insurance company will provide you with a lawyer, but you should hire a separate personal injury attorney in Charleston, SC.

No Insurance

Most states require automobile owners to have automobile liability insurance. If you do not have insurance for some reason, you will need legal advice to maneuver this situation. Most states impose significant penalties when a driver does not have insurance.

It does not mean you are at fault for an accident because you were cited for a DUI. You can benefit from learning more about determining who is at fault in a vehicle accident. Contact Phipps Law Firm – Personal Injury Lawyers at for a consultation today!

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