How a DUI Defense Lawyer in Kankakee Can Help

DUI, driving under the influence, is a serious offense. The charge can affect your future and your employment. Factors such as your BAC, blood-alcohol concentration, whether you have a criminal record or not, and whether someone died or was seriously injured because of your impairment are all taken into account. You can face the loss of your driving privileges, you may be incarcerated, and you may be fined. In a situation like this, should you hire an attorney?

Engaging the services of a DUI defense lawyer in Kankakee is often in your best interest. This is especially true if there are mitigating circumstances. There are also situations where hiring a lawyer will make little or no difference in the outcome of your case. When it seems the prosecution does not have an “open and shut” case, there may be an opportunity for a plea bargain. It is a fact that trials are expensive for the state. The state may be inclined to agree to a plea bargain rather than pursue the case in court. This is especially true if the state may lose. It is possible to negotiate a plea bargain without the assistance of a lawyer. Still, a lawyer knows how to go about it and often has a working relationship with the prosecuting attorney.

Courts are usually willing to discuss a plea bargain. Most courts are amenable to bargaining down the possible sentence in exchange for the accused entering a guilty plea. Plea bargaining is one thing. Sentence bargaining is something else again. The accused needs to talk to an expert from the outset. The attorneys at Godin, Denton & Elliott PC can help and guide you through what can be a very difficult period. The right team of attorneys can protect your rights and interests as well as develop defense strategies that can make your case go much smoother.