Handing Your Case to a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Queens County, NY.

It can be difficult to remember that you have just as many rights as a bicyclist as motorists on the road. When you are in a wreck with a vehicle while riding your bike, you can easily succumb to feelings of guilt and the idea that you did something wrong to cause it.

In fact, the evidence could point to the reality that another motorist is to blame for the wreck. You can take the right course of legal action in the case by hiring a bicycle accident attorney in Queens County, NY. to represent you.

Assigning Proper Blame

When you have a lawyer on retainer, you can get the legal help that you need to assign the blame for the wreck to the proper party. The motorist will want to blame you for riding a bike on city streets. He or she will say that you caused an inconvenience and made driving more difficult.

However, traffic laws tell motorists to regard bicyclists as other vehicles on the road and to yield you the same courtesies as they would other drivers. Your lawyer can point out these facts and prove that the driver, and not you, caused the wreck.

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