Getting Help From Nursing Home Attorneys In Surprise, AZ

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Lawyers

Some 10,000 senior citizens are victims of elder abuse each year. Most of those affected live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Sadly, those who are the weakest are often taken advantage of. That is why family members need to keep a close watch on loved ones. Seniors face several forms of elder abuse, including financial. It is not difficult to steal money or credit cards from elderly people. Indeed, many of the victims may not realize the valuables are gone.

Nursing Home Attorneys in Surprise AZ want to help victims. They file lawsuits for victims of abuse. Physical abuse may be the easiest for the attorneys to prove. Examples including hitting patients, improper use of restraints, or forcing them to walk. In one case, an aide forced a woman to walk when she could not. The patient fell and broke her hip. She did not live through the emergency surgery. Consequently, the nursing home was forced to pay a settlement to the family. Patients can also be victims of emotional abuse. This occurs when workers try to humiliate or talk down to patients.

Nursing homes owe residents a duty of care. Most abuse occurs when that duty of care is breached. Homes are legally liable if an incident occurs because of negligent hiring or training of employees. Further, facilities must monitor the staff and provide security for patients. It is shocking that many residents are victims of sexual abuse. Anyone who would abuse patients in this way is dangerous. Indeed, third parties may be liable as well. Some facilities go through staffing agencies for employees. In these cases, the staffing agency is responsible for properly vetting employees.

A lot of special equipment is used in nursing homes. Consequently, accidents happen because of malfunctioning equipment. The nursing home is responsible for making sure the equipment is operating properly. Likewise, the facility should make sure workers know how to use equipment. However, the manufacturer may be to blame for mechanical defects. Most importantly, families should make sure abuse is reported. Families of victims should visit the site for Nursing Home Attorneys in Surprise AZ. Browse the Site to find out how to make an appointment.

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