Fighting Domestic Violence Charges With A Criminal Defense Attorney In Angola, Indiana

Indiana defendants could face allegations of domestic violence in criminal and divorce proceedings. The validity of these allegations could affect how these proceedings continue. Individuals who are accused falsely need legal assistance to prevent the slippery slope that could have irreparable damage on their lives. A Criminal Defense Attorney in Angola Indiana assists these individuals by fighting against these cases.

The Impact of Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges could have a damaging effect on the lives of everyone involved. Once convicted, the accused could face several years in prison. If the sentence exceeds two years, their spouse could divorce them without their participation in the case. This could lead to the termination of their parental rights. For this reason, domestic violence is a common allegation when child custody is an issue in these cases.

Domestic violence is also a felony charge. A felony conviction could prevent the accused from acquiring certain types of employment. They could also face further adversity in their personal lives once they are released.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Angola Indiana When a Protection Order is Obtained

A protection order is obtained after domestic violence allegations. The victim is protected under this court order. If the defendant fails to follow the terms of the order, they can be arrested immediately. Any violations of the order are viewed closely by a judge. These violations have significance in the criminal and divorce case as well.

Proving that the Allegations False

The Evidence is the only opportunity to prove false allegations. Evidence that shows that the victim’s injuries were self-inflicted could help prove innocence. A medical examiner who is familiar with these occurrences could show how the victim’s injuries were produced. The accused will need the medical professional to testify in their case to prove that the allegations are false.

Indiana defendants facing domestic violence charges should consider the full impact of these allegations. The circumstances of these cases could be present in criminal and divorce proceedings. When this occurs, the results of the criminal case could influence the outcome of child custody awards. Defendants who need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Angola Indiana should contact Grimm & Grimm or visit Website Url for further details.