DCFS Defense in Oswego, IL: 5 Steps to Take When Faced with a DCFS Investigation

by | May 9, 2017 | Lawyers

False accusations of child abuse or neglect can be quite devastating for families. Facing such charges can be a frightening experience for parents and rightfully so. Over the course of the past decade, allegations of DCFS improperly handling cases and wrongfully removing children from their homes have been emerging at alarming rates. Knowing what to do and how to handle a DCFS investigation is important to the outcome of the case. Following these 5 steps can make a big difference in how your case is handled.

1. Take It Serious

A DCFS investigation is not something to take lightly. It is tempting to believe that things will just blow over, but realize that once DCFS is involved, they are determined to prove or disprove the accusations made against the family. No matter how ridiculous or outrageous the charges sound, DCFS will always presume they are true until the investigation is complete.

2. Inquire About Accusations

It is the right of every parent to know what charges they are facing. In a “fishing” attempt, the CPS caseworker may give broad accusations such as neglect or abuse, but these terms are too general and deserve additional explanation. Demand that DCFS discuss the charges in detail. These details of the investigation are crucial for defense.

3. Never Invite Them in

Unless a warrant or court order has been presented, a DCFS does not have the legal right to enter any home without permission. They are looking for an easy way to collect evidence against the accused abusers. If they say they have a warrant, demand to see it before allowing them to enter.

4. Hire a DCFS Attorney Immediately

The best way to handle a DCFS investigation is to hire an attorney that specializes in DCFS defense in Oswego, IL. An attorney that specializes in CPS cases is quite familiar with how DCFS works and are the best protection for their clients.

5. Never Admit Guilt

Most importantly, never, under any circumstances, admit any guilt. DCFS workers may use tactics like promises to be lenient or not to remove the children, but once guilt is admitted, DCFS will seek prosecution. For the falsely accused, admitting guilt will never result in a favorable outcome.

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