Criminal Attorneys in Junction City KS Help Clients Avoid Devastating Mistakes

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Criminal Lawyer

Most people aren’t sure what to expect when they’re arrested, detained, or questioned by the police. It’s easy to make a mistake that seriously damages a case, even if the person has done nothing wrong. Criminal Attorneys in Junction City KS want their clients to be prepared so they can avoid these common mistakes.

Making Admissions Without Legal Counsel

A person knows they’re in trouble when they’re arrested, and one’s first instinct is to appease these authority figures. Officers encourage suspects to talk about incidents, assuring them that everything will go more smoothly if they come clean. However, talking to the police is a mistake. Law enforcement officers are allowed to mislead suspects, and they often do. Anything a person admits will be used against them and it can weaken their position if they’re ultimately charged.

Agreeing to Cooperate Without a Lawyer’s Help

If a person is involved in illicit activities, the police may give them the option to cooperate. However, a suspect shouldn’t agree to this without a lawyer’s assistance. An experienced attorney will protect a client’s rights during the interrogation process and give them realistic expectations as to a case’s outcome.

Waiting to Hire an Attorney Until After an Indictment

An indictment occurs when a person is formally charged with a crime. If an arrest occurs, it’s important to hire an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner a lawyer gets on the case, the more likely they are to achieve a favorable outcome.

Hiring an Attorney Who’s Also a Bail Bondsman

In most areas, lawyers cannot act as bail bond agents, but this isn’t true in all jurisdictions. The problem with a lawyer serving as a bondsman is that they then have a financial interest in the person’s court appearance. If a suspect makes his or her lawyer nervous, the attorney may request relief from the financial responsibility, resulting in an arrest if the person fails to appear in court.

Suspects should avoid the potential of working with an attorney whose financial motivations oppose their own interests. When a person is facing prosecution, they need an advocate with their best interest in mind. Call to get in touch with Criminal Attorneys in Junction City KS. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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