Construction Accidents In Muskegon MI Require The Help Of An Attorney

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Accident Lawyer

When a worker has been injured on the job, they should never assume the employer is going to pay their medical bills or wages. Employers tend to fight a claim to keep their workers compensation insurance rates as low as possible.

Anything can cause a construction accident, but the top four causes are falls, electrocution, being caught between things, and being struck by something. Accidents can happen, but many construction injuries are caused because of management’s failure to provide adequate protection for the workers. When Construction Accidents in Muskegon MI result in serious injuries to a worker, the employee or their family should immediately contact a personal injury lawyer.

Worker Struck

A dump truck, grader, crane, or many other types of equipment can hit a construction worker. Equipment operators might fail to see the worker. Management should always make sure no employees are near the machinery while it’s in operation. Tools can fall from higher construction areas, and a trench can collapse and crush a worker.


Equipment that malfunctions can easily shock or burn an individual worker. Frayed cords, faulty electrical outlets, and other failures are only a few examples of issues that cause serious construction accidents. is that involve electrical shock can result in death or serious injury to a worker.


The biggest danger to a construction worker is the threat of falling from roofs, scaffolding, off ladders, and other places because the proper safety precautions were not in place. An individual working from scaffolding should have a harness system, and railings or barriers should be in place at the edge of a roof.

Receiving Compensation For Injuries At Work

When an individual is injured at work, they should immediately contact an attorney to protect their rights. An injured worker may be unable to return to work temporarily or permanently and should be compensated for their lost wages, medical bills, and any suffering they have to endure.

The to has been representing injured workers for many years. They can help you receive compensation for your injury from an employer and disability from Social Security. There’s never a need for you to be unrepresented when seeking to recover damages.

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